How Funerals Offer Healing

Published: November 15, 2022

The thought of a funeral can cause one to pause and think of sad, fearful, and grief-filled thoughts. However, a funeral can also help provide healing for a grieving family. 

 1. Reunion

We have probably all heard someone say, “It’s too bad it took a funeral to bring us all together.” So true. However, some blessings come with the reunion brought about by a funeral. While no family relationships are perfect, there is a comfort that comes from grieving together. There is also a bond with family that nothing can replace. And ideally, when families gather to remember, precious memories are shared, and new memories are made. Additionally, one might see old friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates who were related to the one who passed. Funerals can bring people together to share memories and comfort one another.

2. Stories

Everyone in the family has at least one favorite memory and story to share. In fact, some stories become legendary and are shared at most family gatherings over the years. However, there is a unique opportunity that accompanies a funeral. At a service that brings many people together, loved ones hear stories they have never before heard. These stories may come from former students, teachers, someone their loved one babysat, fellow club or church members, someone who was encouraged by your family member, co-workers, and neighbors. The life of your loved one has touched each person at the funeral, and many are eager to share their memories. Stories provide new memories for the family to treasure, bringing sweet comfort.

3. Physical Presence

Sympathy cards are meaningful, and flowers are lovely. However, nothing compares to the physical presence of friends and family. Even if a person does not say a word, just by being there, they comfort the grieving family. There is sweet comfort that accompanies a warm hug, a handshake, a smile, and a look of knowing from the eyes of someone who cares. To be surrounded by people who care is a beautiful thing.

4. An Opportunity to Share

Have you ever been to a funeral and learned amazing things about someone you thought you knew well? Funerals give families a platform to share about a well-lived life. Genuinely remarkable accomplishments, sacrifices, lessons learned, memories made, and ways they poured their lives into others are just a few of the amazing things shared at funerals. It comforts a family to say, “Look at what a wonderful woman my Mom was … I am so proud of her!” In addition, funerals allow families to share hope with those who attend. Whether they share uplifting music, an encouraging poem or Scripture passage, or an admonishment to live well, funerals allow families to take comfort in sharing what their loved one valued most with others.

5. Acknowledgement of Grief

 Funerals allow families to do something essential to healing: grieve. A process of grief must happen to move into the realm of healing. In many ways, the loved ones will never recover from the loss of their loved one. However, taking time to grieve will help most people move forward with the support of others to a new realm of purpose and hope. 

Please feel free to look at services always available through Hathaway to help those grieving. . We want to help you plan a service that will bring comfort to all who attend.


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