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Got Questions About Pre-Planning?

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In the past, pre-arrangement may have meant a brief verbal agreement between a funeral director and an individual to take care of his or her burial arrangements. Today, a pre-arranged funeral (or preneed) means there is written documentation of a funeral arrangement placed on file at the funeral home. At Hathaway Family Funeral Homes, we ensure that vital details and notes regarding your funeral wishes are accurately recorded and kept safely for future reference.

We outline current costs associated with your wishes and establish a trust account or insurance policy to cover the future financial need for your funeral. We pride ourselves at managing those funds with utmost care and in accordance with the latest rules and regulations. You can feel confident that any monies placed with our funeral homes will be properly available at the final time of need.

The links on this page will take you to additional information available on our website. Once you have reviewed the materials, call us and we will work with you to finalize your pre-arranged needs.

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