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Getting Started

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Prearrangement gives you the chance to write down your personal history and funeral service ideas so that your family will have the right information available in the future. Preplanning can also relieve relatives of the immediate economic burden of carrying out your funeral.

A Big Step

Most people who come to organize a prearrangement say they’ve thought about doing it for years. Fear and uncertainty often keep them from making an appointment. Once finished, however, they feel relieved and comforted by the thought of having their funeral properly arranged and completed.

There’s nothing easy about preparing for death. Yet, just like other important legal matters such as wills and healthcare proxies, a prearrangement is valuable and worth the time and effort to complete.

What is a Prearrangement?

The term prearrangement can mean many things. In the past, it may have meant a brief verbal agreement between an individual and a funeral director to take care of his or her burial arrangements. Today, a prearranged funeral (or Pre-need) means written documentation of a funeral arrangement placed on file at the funeral home. At Hathaway Family Funeral Homes we ensure that vital details and notes regarding someone’s funeral wishes are accurately recorded and kept safely for future reference.

Often we also outline current costs associated with your wishes and establish a trust account or insurance policy to cover the future financial need. We pride ourselves at managing those funds with utmost care and in accordance with the latest rules and regulations. You can feel confident that any monies placed with our funeral homes will be properly available at the final time of need.

A Thoughtful Choice

Remember to tell your family about the plans you have made with our funeral home. Whenever possible, give them an opportunity to provide input with the decision making, especially if you want a service outside of family tradition.

When you’re ready, give us a call and one of our funeral directors will guide you through the entire process, from basic information all the way through to finished financial arrangements.